Clubabend November 2023 | WAVE

Zu unserem Clubabend am 14. November 2023 dürfen wir zwei Vertreterinnen von WAVE (Women Against Violence Europe) begrüßen.
WAVE ist eine Non-Profit-Organisation, die sich gegen Gewalt an Frauen einsetzt und ihren Sitz in Wien hat.

Der Vortrag wird in englischer Sprache gehalten. Beverly Mtui and Branislava Arađan will present WAVE´s work and how building collective power through this network helps women and girls across Europe to convert their fight for their human rights, into a political and cultural force for change that cannot be ignored by governments and communities.

Branislava Arađan studied Law in Novi Sad, Serbia and started her path as a human rights activist at the age of 16, which has led her to more than ten years of experience within different NGOs. She finds joy in working with and empowering youth, so she founded an NGO focused on youth rights and empowerment, and she performed as an educator about human trafficking, domestic violence, digital safety for girls and project management topics. In November 2021 she joined WAVE and her current role is Project and Youth Ambassador Coordinator. In her work, she aims to provide a platform to youth activists in order to facilitate youth participation, youth campaigning and youth inclusion within the context of preventing and eliminating violence and discrimination against women and girls.

Beverly Mtui has over five years of experience in different feminist civil society organisations working to end violence against women at national and European level. Since February 2021, she is the WAVE Communications Coordinator and thus responsible for ensuring and strengthening the visibility and presence of the network and its projects. Besides being passionate about intersectional feminism and gender equality, she is also a freelance journalist focusing on the empowerment of people of African descent.